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We are deeply concerned by the threats posed by climate change to the peoples of Africa. We have seen and experienced the impact of floods, droughts and other extreme weather events in our region.

Mother Earth, our common home, has been pushed to the brink. We call on you to prevent catastrophic climate change by committing to ambitious actions to reduce carbon emissions. We call on the governments of Africa and the world to stand with people on the frontlines of the climate crisis, and in particular the vulnerable communities whose voices need to be heard. Winning the fight against climate change starts with protecting the people whose lives and livelihoods are most at risk.

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2015 is an opportune time for influencing action on climate change and increase investment in small scale women food producers across in Africa. In light of the huge challenges faced by African nations to address poverty and gender justice, the African Union has declared 2015 as a Year of Womena��s Empowerment towards Agenda 2063. This offers an opportunity for countries in the continent to put a concerted effort into addressing the issues that hinder women in their efforts to build resilience in a changing climate, prioritising women small scale food producers. We are working together across Africa to mobilise women and youth in a campaign that will amplify their voice to ensure that commitments made by African governments are translated into action and tangible policy shifts that will benefit women. The AU Summit in June is a place for us to raise our voices Women are fighting hunger in the face of climate change. Join our fight, we need you!

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